Feb 9, 2024 | Blog

Week 17 // 29.01. - 09.02.

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Its time for a another review of my time spent last semester! I had semester with some quite small units, mostly preparing talks or things with just a single lecture peer week. The module “Anthropogenic accidents” had a super long lecture, so I can understand the most time going into it. And all in all, its just half of the time I used for full lectures in the last semesters.

Feb 2, 2024 | Blog

Week 16 // 29.01. - 02.02.

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This was the last week of the semester, and with that the last semester of me having lectures at all. Everything that is left now is my master thesis. I’m starting that in April, next week I meet up with my supervisors to talk about the topic and see what I can do in preparation.

Jan 26, 2024 | Blog

Week 15 // 22.01. - 26.01.

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This week I got sick again… I sadly had to cancel my talk because of that, its a bit sad all the preparation was for nothing now, but I still learned a lot during it, so its all fine. Also I’m not dependent on the credits, so I could just tell the professor we dont need to find another date in the semester break to repeat it. But I played a lot of Stardew Valley while sick and also read a lot, that was super nice!

Jan 19, 2024 | Blog

Week 14 // 15.01. - 19.01.

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I held the second of three presentations for this semester, and it went super well! The topic was superconductivity in a bit more advanced way, my supervisor and I chose the topic because it will fit very neatly into my master project I’m starting this summer. The next two weeks will be about finishing up my last presentation and all the things from my other modules and then enjoy two months of pretty much nothing going on!

Jan 12, 2024 | Blog

Week 13 // 08.01. - 12.01.

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It was so so cold here last week. I was back in Uni and at work after the winter holidays and need to now finish up the last things for the two talks I still need to do. It wont be super stressful over January, but I’m still looking forward to February and having basically nothing going on before I start my master’s thesis.

Jan 5, 2024 | Blog

Week 12 // 01.01. - 05.01.

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I really enjoyed the christmas break, I basically did nothing uni-related over the whole last 2 weeks. This weekend I’m starting to ramp up the work on my talks again, working through a lot of interesting physics (I get so much about superconductivity here!).

Dec 22, 2023 | Blog

Week 10 // 18.12. - 22.12.

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I had the first of my group seminar talks on Tuesday! It went super well, I really got amazing feedback. The talk was about a super interesting paper from July, a group at Harvard managed to design an experiment that produced anyons (those are particles that are neither fermions and bosons) with a freely adjustable statistical angle. I mostly went into the theory behind it (a paper from 2011 which is amazingly simple) and then some experimental results.

Dec 15, 2023 | Blog

Week 9 // 11.12. - 15.12.

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This week was all about preparing my presentations for the group seminar talks. It’s a lot of fun, really digging into some current papers, the science behind them and then trying to make a story out of that.

Dec 8, 2023 | Blog

Week 8 // 04.12. - 08.12.

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This week I was sick with Covid… In the beginning of the week it was quite bad, so I did not get around to do anything, but later in the week I already felt quite fine again, so I got to work through some content from Colemans book on superconductivity for one of my seminar talks.

Dec 1, 2023 | Blog

Week 7 // 27.11. - 01.12.

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I tried a new café on Tuesday. It is right next to the physics university campus and it serves some really nice coffee, so I will probably be there more often and do some work there.

Nov 24, 2023 | Blog

Week 6 // 20.11. - 24.11.

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This week I worked through more theory for the talks in the group seminars I’m attending. The one on Dec 6th is already coming very close, but I’m slowly getting a grip of Mott insulators. Also I spent a lot of time working on a project for work. Its a website for distributing hardware to the research groups and I just got a lot into polishing the UI, using tailwindcss. Its a lot of fun, just seeing how I can make things look nice and uniform across the website.

Nov 17, 2023 | Blog

Week 5 // 13.11. - 17.11.

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Last Sunday I played a big board game. Like, a BIG one - 12 straight hours of Twilight Imperium 4 with the Prophecy of Kings expansion. It was a lot of fun, and I’m very down to playing again with the group some time. Also all my talk preparations ramp up, and it’s really satisfying to see how the pieces click together and that apparently I know quite a bit in correlated electron physics by now.

Nov 14, 2023 | Blog

Hopes and Expectations

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Currently, I am picking up the first materials to work into the theory of what my thesis will be about. As I am doing that, I am thinking about what I hope to get out of the work on my thesis. It might be a good idea to write down these hopes and expectations, check in again at a later time and see what turns out true. Research with results In my bachelor’s thesis I worked with a software package that is used the research group to produce a lot of interesting results, but I myself did not get to a point where I produced data I could analyse and say what happens there, even with the input data already provided by the group.

Nov 10, 2023 | Blog

Week 4 // 06.11. - 10.11.

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This Wednesday I went to a symposium on occasion of the Hamburger Prize for theoretical physics, which was awarded to Edward Witten this year. The talks went way over my head for the most part, as they focused on string theory and mathematical physics in general. I also went to the award ceremony, which was a lot of fun! Also I noticed I probably need to get a suit, I was very lost on what to wear for it.

Oct 20, 2023 | Blog

Week 1 // 16.10. - 20.10.

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This semester is the last one before my master thesis, and all I gotta do are some credits in elective courses. I chose a lecture about anthropogenic accidents and one about working with data. I also have some presentations in group seminars, I thought this might be a good use of my time, just really getting into some specific topics and practicing my presentation skills a bit.

Oct 19, 2023 | Blog


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Python |

This is the first post in a series of blog posts is about nolopot, a software package that started in a physics lecture I attended in 2022. Currently it can be found on Gitlab. It was a project I did together with another person in the course, and after the course finished I took the code we had so far and build the current infrastructure of testing and deployment around it.

Oct 8, 2023 | Blog

Finding a Project and Applying for Erasmus Funding

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Erasmus |

Next year, I will spend 4 months in Sweden for the research phase of my master’s thesis. This post goes over some organisational details, the process of getting support at my home university in Hamburg, getting the funding for it via Eramus and finding a research group and project.

Sep 13, 2023 | Blog

Time tracking review

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It’s now quite a lot after the end of the semester and all my exams, I thought I might do another review of how I spent my time studying this semester. First of all, just the time in the semester: So I worked about equally in all modules. Interestingly, the module where I spent the most time was one where we just had one lecture per week. So I noticed here that interest decides so much what I spend my time on, on a week-to-week basis, and that things will fill the time I give to them.

Jul 7, 2023 | Blog

Week 14 // 03.07. - 07.07.

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This week I worked a lot, mostly on pushing forward my backlog of older lectures I didnt yet work through, in preparation for the upcoming exams. I did make some progress, but I also didnt quite prioritise resting as much as I wanted, so I worked quite a few evenings and it was a bit draining all in all. But we finally got around to doing a board game night on Friday, that was a lot of fun!

Jun 23, 2023 | Blog

Week 12 // 19.06. - 23.06.

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I was still on vacation in the beginning of the week, so I didn’t do a lot beyond a watching the lectures on Monday and preparing the exercise sheet for topology. I somehow really got myself into stress about exams now, that dominated the last few days a bit. They are still a bit away, but still, getting stressed about preparation there.